Regional Geology

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aspects of the Bakken Formation


Williston Basin -  Outlines “area of thermal maturity” in the Williston Basin, roughly corresponding to the Bakken Formation’s extent. Also shows subsurface contours and locations of Bakken wells drilled since 2003. Map by Continental Resources, Inc.


Cross-Sections -  Maps—some from oil companies operating in the area—describe geologic age, depth of rock formations, and oil formation in North Dakota and the Bakken area.


Stratigraphy -  Maps from US and ND Geological Survey provide vertical core sample views of the Bakken Formation.


USGS Assessment - Report by US Geological Survey (April 2008) assessing the Bakken’s oil and gas reserves. Includes links to more USGS resources.


Manitoba Stratigraphic Column -  Shows productive intervals and documented oil and gas shows (PDF opens in new window)


Geology of Mountrail County - North Dakota Geological Survey Bulletin 55-IV and Ground Water Study 14-IV (1972) by Lee Clayton.  71 pages (PDF format)

Parshall’s Bakken Field - Discovery of the year for the Rockies. Discovered in 2006 by EOG Resources, it is an unusual and complex, stratigraphic-type trap. It has developed into a huge resource play covering some 40 townships, over 950,000 acres, and still expanding. June 2009. (PDF format)