Burke & Dunn counties - Permits Issued by ND Oil & Gas Division

Updated  1/5/12

January - December 2011



Locations approximate; map scale doesn’t permit precise placement.

Not shown are status permits (confidential/non-confidential), re-entries, geophysical permits, name changes, re-surveys, renewals, change of operators and various permits of a ‘bookkeeping’ nature.

Burke County

Dunn County

NOTE: Overall locations for Burke and Dunn counties changed little compared to previous years. Many new permits are issued for ‘in-fill’ wells, wells located close to existing wells.

Further, many new permits are ‘multi-pad’—two or more wells drilled from the same pad. This is particularly obvious with the clusters of dots in northern Dunn County.

Unless overall drilling locations change significantly, we have discontinued their mapping.

All North Dakota well locations and data can be accessed at the Department of Natural Resources site. Click the GIS Map Server button.